Damned Potential


*Trigger Warning* Depicted is the sight of a young woman being rundown.



And I can see the horror behind his eyes

the trauma to pursue

Forever fleeting confrontation


To watch a life fall from the sky

Fall and the leaves are muck in

The gutter, scum in the rivets

On the bottom of your shoe

But there was so much potential

In crimson torrents

Face down in the crosswalk



Lethargic Cages

I sit alone in a sterile, plush room.
It happened before
Your soft hands weren’t strong enough
But the trees grew in through the window
Life came back into the walls of that institution
The floor turned into one substantial planter
Of mud, sand, and stone

In the winter there was a storm to weather
But what made it count
Was that I had someone at my side
To survive for

Now the colors fade into each other
The air is stale, stagnant
Every purple, pink, and violet
Turns a light shade of blue
Lethargic cages
College is
Lethargic cages