Lethargic Cages

I sit alone in a sterile, plush room.
It happened before
Your soft hands weren’t strong enough
But the trees grew in through the window
Life came back into the walls of that institution
The floor turned into one substantial planter
Of mud, sand, and stone

In the winter there was a storm to weather
But what made it count
Was that I had someone at my side
To survive for

Now the colors fade into each other
The air is stale, stagnant
Every purple, pink, and violet
Turns a light shade of blue
Lethargic cages
College is
Lethargic cages

The Last Pump at the Gas Station

Pump me up full of adderall
Heroine, cocaine, tea, cigarettes
Ungodly amounts of caffeine
Until it’s all that I can do

Sit and push out shit
Shaking anxious wrecks
Blowing down walls

While I sit on this shitter
Still ready to die
Still typing away
Like if I stop
The trigger will
Pull me
And I’ll snap

Early Morning Aspirations

circle heavy eyes

you sink into bed
tearing self
from the warm sheets
like debarking Douglas fir
the desire for dismemberment grows
Into the intricacy
of the stream beds

not all battle scars
originate from war
tap the tree at the base
drip sap bitch

How much is drained
before the weight
becomes too much?

the only thing
to keep you alive

gas station 40’s
and enough weed to get
all of Africa
stoned for a week

How writing takes its toll
I’m a child
And already
I dream of death