“Don’t Try”


They’ll bludgeon you for trying
rape your persistence

the only thing

to hold us down
with their nostalgia
tripping from grave to grave
watching my old friends
my lost love,
waiting for death.

*The title is a quote from Charles Bukowski’s gravestone.

Burning down the Sea

I only wrote one yesterday.
Apathy like America
I try not to worry about a future in sand
Formed into a sand castle,
Hoping it’ll be able to hold my weight
But drugs, friends, family school
waves crashing into dwindling defenses
And I am the sand crab perched on the highest peak
Waiting for liquid sacrifice
It’s hard when you don’t know how to swim
And even Bob Dylan struggles
Through changing tides

For the water builds and destroys sea castles
Like day to dark
Like life to death
Like lynching to messiah
The last fraying strands of hope

Sometimes debris washes from the sea
Enough splintered wood, glass shards, empty plastic bottles
To make a raft
But now the water is crystal
Dancing up and down the shore
Salsa dancing my way to death
Like Bundy, like all
It likes to play with prey
Before the end comes.

Early Morning Aspirations

circle heavy eyes

you sink into bed
tearing self
from the warm sheets
like debarking Douglas fir
the desire for dismemberment grows
Into the intricacy
of the stream beds

not all battle scars
originate from war
tap the tree at the base
drip sap bitch

How much is drained
before the weight
becomes too much?

the only thing
to keep you alive

gas station 40’s
and enough weed to get
all of Africa
stoned for a week

How writing takes its toll
I’m a child
And already
I dream of death