“I can fuck any bitch I want”

Rattling off foul consonances and vowels

The terrible mantra boys

Chant off in the school yard

Like throwing mud on the third

Grade sweetheart

That makes their mother so ashamed


They can say these things

Off the cuff

When the father

They’ve never met

Sits at a bar in Mexico

Says the exact same things

About their mothers.

We know how it feels to sit

On top of the world

And spit on the creatures below

Like birds on a telephone wire

Waiting for the one wearing

The worst day

To add insult to injury

I need a Father.

We fight, we argue
I resolve the conflict

“Sometimes I feel like you’re the adult”

I don’t have time for anything but,
I need a father

he believes.
I can change
That. World.

Inadequacy creates
A bird in a cage
We are

He doesn’t know
He won’t
He did before
But discouragement
And experience
Has taken it all.