Contained Within Monotony


Working within the confines of

Their schedule trudging

Like cement walkways

All of the windows are


And the residents are

Snickering in sinister



Picking up litter from

The interstate

Or sizzling bovine

Flip the burger

We all have our routine

Every one of these cats

In our cells of ever present


The 99

Snicker at this “free country
Stretching suffering
Across shanties
In dilapidated kingdom

But It’s
Corporate heads
cremating the flesh
Peppering grains
In nine course meals
Of the future

From seeds planted
By hard as hooves
Leather hands

The same hands
that are steady all through
the nation’s adolescent
temper tantrum

boys aren’t fans of toys
they’d rather play with knives
The children must be appeased

They will make vogue gloves
Out of his palm
Earrings out of sagging genitals
Of mutilated martyrs
The messiahs mashed into wine
Like grapes under calloused heel

Like the AmeriCAN Family

Morals rot like the American family.
Like the heart, like the frame of the environmentalist
Like the box we all aspire to own
Breaking down into green
Inherited family explosives
Breaking down walls

The spark of flint and steel
The burning

All of the cages of the modern man
The box he sleeps in
The cage of standardized testing
Their education
Their career
And burger flipping jobs