Like the AmeriCAN Family

Morals rot like the American family.
Like the heart, like the frame of the environmentalist
Like the box we all aspire to own
Breaking down into green
Inherited family explosives
Breaking down walls

The spark of flint and steel
The burning

All of the cages of the modern man
The box he sleeps in
The cage of standardized testing
Their education
Their career
And burger flipping jobs

Parasitic Thoughts

I’ll be the man
At the dive down the street
The one your wife wouldn’t walk into
If you paid her.
The one you go to
When you want her to think
You have overtime
The tavern
Armed with more weaponry
Than the American military

Sitting lost in a memory
Of the way that things used to be
The way the sun could shine without
Smog or the blood in the sky from
Waste and carbon monoxide
Before the pets we play with
And love as a child
Are skinned and cooked
To keep us alive

Lost in the cloud
That protected us and fathered
From the blade
At the end of that firing
Oak rifle

Early Morning Aspirations

circle heavy eyes

you sink into bed
tearing self
from the warm sheets
like debarking Douglas fir
the desire for dismemberment grows
Into the intricacy
of the stream beds

not all battle scars
originate from war
tap the tree at the base
drip sap bitch

How much is drained
before the weight
becomes too much?

the only thing
to keep you alive

gas station 40’s
and enough weed to get
all of Africa
stoned for a week

How writing takes its toll
I’m a child
And already
I dream of death