If Seaguls could Pray they’d Pray for an end with the junk drawer contents of their stomachs served to hungry mouths on a Silver platter.

brought to the edge
the only release
half gallon vodka
and motel matches
soldering iron stomach acid
stomach lining in the sand
third degree burns
fuse the throat
simmer down
nobody can hear you speak
no one to sit, so you can stand
sealed envelope
always yearning
through constant hunger pains
but to reach for the forbidden fruit
to satisfy the needs
is to swallow the burning cross
that is the essence of creation
Someone poisoned the water hole
And the only thing that kills worse than DDT
Dissolving into nonconsentual skin
Is dehydration

PLASTIC milk jugs, eating utensils, bags, coffee lids, coffee cup lining, packaging, bubble wrap, boys, girls, men, water bottles, soda bottles, shampoo bottles, shelving units, organizers, folders, binders, mechanical pencils, eye balls, balls, dildos, condoms, medical supplies, heroine needles,

All of the ways they can’t say death
The contents of their coffin
Keep consumerism convenient
Certainly we can’t be part of the problem
We fret about rising waters,
But by the time we’re drowning
We’ll be walking on plastic continents
And they’ll be fossilized in polyurethane
Photodegrading in just a few more centuries
Our White America Gyre Empire
We’ll look into the long faces
Of these foreign creatures
Paving our reflective countries
And Blame the generation before
As smog rises into the air
From the plastic burning in our fire places
It was their fault.
How could they be so stupid?
It was their entire fault.
When they realize that life
Can’t grow from a plastic corpse
They’ll know
Some sins can’t be repented for
They’ll know it
When their choking on the same pieces of plastic
That kills us.

White Christmas

The free flowing snowflakes
Hold out your tongue
But it doesn’t melt
It’s hard like stone
Hard like ice
Dip in dots
In another world
Melting in the stomach
But the sweets never tasted
So sour
Green gills
A scaled snow flake
Shimmering, reflecting back the sun
Catching the eye of soaring predator
Desperately awaiting the kill
Dropping into the ocean
Like a flash of lightening
And the snow melts on its tongue
And Soon after
Roaming beaches
Of glass shards, and starbuck lids

Seemingly invincible predator
Lye’s a shell among the muscles
The corpses
In chemical warfare
How long will it be
Before poison runs freely in our blood?
And we’re the ones choking on plastic pellets
And bathing in DDT

Scathing Heaven

Only the tree canopies, scathing the glass floor of heaven
Truly knows the ecstasy of nature
Only the beast untamed, untapped by man
Knows how wild I am.
The blooming springs, each petal instills a revolution
A piece of beauty imitated for generations,
For the beauty is beneath
the flesh and bone
Into something that can’t be
watched with holy stethoscope.
No matter how inflated the wallet is
Whether the seams stretch and tear
There is no power like the
state of euphoria transcending through green leaf
The lines of the body become blurred
And the life flows like death

Back Packing

Bowed branches
And the forever shifting ground beneath my feet
Saturated pine needles
And the sweat staining the shirt under my pack
No sacrifice is too great,
No offer is too esteemed
For purity is green
Not with jealousy
But overwhelmed with life
And God’s creation
If you want to belittle it
to their three lettered word


What segregation
Can they enforce through media made minds?
While sweat shops slaughter
and maintain the nets
the “self empowered”
stopping the migrant commodity
from stirring up revolutions;
committing suicide

What words enrage the privileged
What keeps the coffee from the hot plate?
While women are charred
Prosecuted for the witchcraft
Of independent, third degree, thought.

Pity the child that can’t afford the pocket computers
While children in Africa
March barefoot miles
To survive off of thimbles
Of fetid water

help ourselves before we help others
Take it from the creator
We’ve been on our own for centuries
While he’s working on the down payment
For his corvette in the clouds

Why help those birthed in dysentery
From first world waste
When you can empower
The Gods of men

For the top 1% will never be “rich”
And the bottom 99%
Can never starve enough
When we’re eating our children to survive
We must remember
to save the best cuts of meat
For them

I’ll work myself to death
A corpse mashing the keyboard

And my Kingdom
Of Carbon Dioxide
The walls of
The victims of poverty
Will only


My father’s used sneakers,
torn at the sides like a grimace

I tripped over the roots;
Veins, snarled knotted
The dark encompassing the evergreen pillars.

When the mud was hard,
crumbling like stale bread and the ground slick.

I slide backwards at each incline.
I rest in the stream bordering the trail of breadcrumbs,
Separate the scalp,
greasy pink slivers to trace into the cavernous crevasses

But the matches have been in my back pocket this whole time
hypothermia in 60 degrees won’t be the death of me.
my skin blue and cold to the touch, and the heart palpitates.
Once the beat traversed up cliff sides, vaulting over fallen trees,
but now it fades, murmuring, the rain on my face, the sap from the trees.

I find sustenance.
I don’t know if I’ll be here tomorrow,
but if the peak would be in sight,
I’d make it.

The End after the end after it’s finished.

When the bombs have been locked away
And the sky is Salvador Dali
And we’re catching a breath of fresh air
From the air pockets
In the ashtray.

Soon it will be Disney’s portrayal
Of storming the beaches of Normandy
For the grade school wants blood
And the soldiers on the front line
Fear public education

They got used to smuggling drugs across the border
Before they packed the children with military
Grade machine guns
And eating utensil plastic explosives

Scattered remains of the land of the free
Doused in gasoline
Makes an explosive
That will kill
Like whimpering disease

Pot holed war zone
And the nature preserves
Have turned to plastic potted ferns
In overcrowded shopping centers


Someday parents will walk their children to the bus stop in hazmatt suits and borrowed oxygen tanks. It will no longer be a human right to existence. We’ll never know what privilege we have until we run it into the ground. We’ll never know how important the weeds are in the garden until the land is barren and we’re struggling for our next breath. Welcome folks we’ve reached the beginning of the end.

Corrosive Concern

Now she is concerned

Breaking me down
Peeling back layers

A fire in the rain forest
Ravaging, pillaging

A tree remains
The sun shining through green
Fluorescent leafs
Pictures of lost children pinned to the oak
And guitar lessons
From old
Sexual predators

The last of its species

Now the fire stops by
“Are you alright?”

Even the words are hot
A plastic leaf falls
And crumples in the flame
Toxic vapors emitting

What words are there to say?
Giving mercy, after there is none left to give mercy to

After this genocide
Thank you for your kindness
Thank you for your bountiful love.

I’ve never had a friend quite as noble as you.
To break me, torn glass in the gutter
No one has ever been so good to me

To pick up a piece of that glass
Cradle it in your palm
And ask “do you know how we love you?”

I know not of something that can hurt you enough
To be a valid response.