Forgotten Youth

The expression is stern
As cross hairs float to the next spirit of God
A man of war
Finger clasped around the trigger
But in his mind
His chapped hands are smooth
Coiled around feminine face
Warm with life
But on steel
Burning stove tops
Metallic pools
Galvanizing the machine
Pushing the trigger
Like clock ticks
Each second
He watches men fall
Like his children at the swing’s apex
Youthful face is cloudy, swollen
And tears race like rain
But these orphans
Torn like warped boards
Enclosing the crate
Of Pandora’s box
They aren’t puffy eyed
Aren’t lifted to their feet
By overly concerned mothers
They lie motionless
In the reddening mud

All the Piggies

I stop a man in a black suit walking out of a business meeting over public education.
“Excuse me sir,
The shit on the sole of my shoe has a better morality than you

Sea side Nazi
Can you tell me where the Jew hides,
While you sleep in a warm self righteous bed?

Can you create a future that’s worth fighting for?
Can I trust that your greed doesn’t surpass your love for the common man
and the future generations to come?
Or are you a pig rolling around in slop you call gold?”

Are you the inspiration behind the nefarious deeds
to those who face the consequences?

All the forgotten children
Turned into pimps and whores

Are you as guilty as those goons
For those whacked pigs?
As the aspiring musician with the long hair and guitar strung over his shoulder?

Were you the glisten in her eye
Carving helter-skelter in to the walls of her mind?
Like she did to his hairless chest

When you look through his eyes,
Eyes not unholier than yours,
Is your face marked with a snout?”