How is good?


Como es Bueno?
How is beautiful?

It is unique

It is countless endings

Never ending

Until it ends

I know what I’m writing

Is shit.

It is unworthy of a quick

Read through

And the point is lost

Even on me.

Maybe if my mind

Consisted of blue jays

Swift flight to infinite window pane

Hurtling towards death

I can pick up my broken beaked demons

Nurture and love it

Better than

I do myself.

Title me Poem

Nibbling on the cheese
At the great reveal
Call me man, call me monster
I am RAT
In my labyrinth
To move at all
Is to speed towards
A wall of corroded bricks
Or the sinister latex gloves
Don’t you dare brand me
Your murderer
Shock the protruding bolts
From the walls of my craw
Title me creation
Title me poem


I’m not interested in being your house cat
I don’t have to calm down
Before I talk to anyone

To show you what it’s like to feed off of barflies like air
I have a bowl out back
Printed on the side
It reads

That’s where you belong
For there isn’t enough room in this bed
For all of us
And you’re a few pages back
On the waiting list