Cancerous Crucifix

Walk out the door, bleeding nose, he’s tangled to you like ear buds
It’s never felt so good to be so alone

I’ve never loved you the way the children at the podium do
For my sins I atone.

Preaching pedophiles, naked behind their screen, married to the lord
Can my body be the down payment on my loan?

Parasitic leeches feeding from the last quart of blood I have
And the marrow from my bones

A book of fiction that could file the world down to its five corners
Christ you aren’t the only one who sees a cross and moans

Put communist and head of the underworld on my resume
I refuse to be slave to the unknown

Golden crucifix rubbed against raw clitoris
Like hammering on wooden nails they groan

Someday, I’ll be captive in the crusades, more creature than man
while I can still choke on their gas I won’t be another drone

If they could I’d be tied to their cross, set on fire
I’d lose the lottery, I’d be stoned

Through all of the holes burrowed in my head
The brain damaged deformities, I’ve seen the light, I’ve grown

Church Shooting

The crucifix
Burns my skin

The innocent
Suffer most
Before the sun
To a permanent

You don’t need
To give up

You don’t need
To kill

Christ Carpentry
And a nail
In the apex
Of soft skulls
Terminal Children

There have been fathers
For “sexuality”
Developed years
After their date of death.
All justified
With the name
On their coffin

The rounds
Aren’t only for
Metallic dangling
Cross hair
Around their neck
Fighting for their righteous cause
But for the small hands
And the distant dreams
Worth the fight

For them
They pray
To a tyrant
With a lower case t
Housed in
A coffin
With stained glass windows