Writing My Ticket


The Ouija board

Spells it out for me

“keep writing”

But always

I’ll choose to ignore the signs

Falling from my tower

Death still seems

Something miniscule

A woman pushing an

Infant in a stroller

On the far side of town

I want to see

Her walking away

But last week

She was on the

other side of the state

to see what’s in her carriage

the tree sap trickle

of a disparaging growth

into survival

snuffed out

among the leaves

The End after the end after it’s finished.

When the bombs have been locked away
And the sky is Salvador Dali
And we’re catching a breath of fresh air
From the air pockets
In the ashtray.

Soon it will be Disney’s portrayal
Of storming the beaches of Normandy
For the grade school wants blood
And the soldiers on the front line
Fear public education

They got used to smuggling drugs across the border
Before they packed the children with military
Grade machine guns
And eating utensil plastic explosives

Scattered remains of the land of the free
Doused in gasoline
Makes an explosive
That will kill
Like whimpering disease

Pot holed war zone
And the nature preserves
Have turned to plastic potted ferns
In overcrowded shopping centers