How could I love you

When the breath you

Breathe is another man’s

In the modern world

A person’s quality

Is weighed in empathy.

Did you mean any of it?

Or was it your guilt that

Drove you to deceive me?

Do you have time

For my playdate?

Or am I sent to the

Back of the line?

Is monogamy a myth?

Is monogamy a myth?
With the end in sight
Speeding drunken mad man
I stand headstrong ready to smear across the squealing, snorting nose
or dive away at the last second

The gluttonous trip
falling short
They had to admit him to an institution
Wobbling on one leg
He killed himself shortly after
I’ve been there.

Standing outside of towering white house
Suitcase in hand
I can see them tending to the lawn
Raking the dirt
Sitting under shaded oak trees
They aren’t happy
They aren’t.

They sit with the longing memories
of the last pork chop
between their
sagging knees


I know those coded phrases
The morse syllables
Quivering in uncertain voice
I know when you close your eyes
And I slide in
I know you think of him