The Demons of Privilege


God helps the ones that

Help themselves

Go helps those that

Are white

Male wealthy

God helps the ones

That take and destroy

His creations for profit.

God helps America

Conquer inhabited lands

God helps: genocide

                   Corporate buy outs



God only helps the ones

Who need it least.

God is the world’s largest


Patting our oligarchy

And tyranny

On the back

God helps

Intolerance, insensitivity


Symbolizing profit

And power

More than the mighty



My all mighty dollar


Deviant Nuns

They’re all nuns
Strutting around with anal
Plugs and strap-ons

They take your trust
And creation hand and hand
Walking into the basement of the temple of God

A bony hand gently
cusps the buttocks
memories of the armchair
in their clinic

dark fantasies

swimming through a golden sea
into the mouth
of a man drowned
hand and hand with maggots
and brittle crumbling

premonitions of a gun
snickering in the drawer


I thought of a new book title
“I Piss Mountain Dew”
“Men Load Semen in My Ass Like Pipe Tobacco”
“I Fucked the Pope’s Extended Family”
“It’s the Children that Will Shoot You Down in the Night”
“The First Lady has a Halo of Herpes Around her Woo Hoo”
“Poetry is nutrition for the Post Mortem”
“The Glimmers of Human Suffering is Found After the Temple is Hollow”
“Grey Skies Are Meant to Be Filled With Ink Like Empty Notebooks”
“The Church Rapes more than it Redeems”
“Repent with the last Bit of Blood in Your Menstruation”
“Everytime I Write a Poem it’s Like Losing My Virginity Again.”
“Vodka is the Only Place I was Able to be a Saint”
“Gangrene and My Cock Falls to the Floor”
“I Would Like To sTRangle EACH of MY EX-LOVERS And String Their head like Chinese lanterns.”
“This Book Won’t Make The Money to Pay for The Toilet Paper I Used Writing it.”
“I Masturbate To a Picture of Johnny Depp for 73 Days straight”
“To weep for you is wrapping paper after Christmas”

The Sermon of Christ

I have something to say
Words to flow from the lips
Like red wine in the gullet
The blood of Christ

I have new lands to conquer
Achievements to conspire
The boldest of moves to make
The manifest destiny
Of poetry

Tearing down the house
And building a new foundation
Raping the earth and God’s creation
In His holy name

The children beaten, maimed
The bull brandished, bruised
Can never be tamed
The indecency inspired by name