Context ~ #Poem — Exclusive Inflictions

Clouds of the sky Seem to wash over me Like the waves of the sea There’s more than meets the eye It’s about perspective We each hold onto our own A set of beliefs on what’s known Other possibilities & opinions rejected Some naive, others easily deceived Turned around and up side down We rise […]

via Context ~ #Poem — Exclusive Inflictions

I love the way Kelly’s poem focuses on broadening one’s horizons and the pitfalls of harboring a false sense of certainty. I’m also a fan of the internal rhyme,the dance to the wordplay is still retained, but it’s very accessible. That’s not an easy thing to do.
Thank you Kelly!

One Reply to “Context ~ #Poem — Exclusive Inflictions”

  1. Thank you for the read, compliment and share! I do appreciate the support and encouragement. Have a great week with an openness to receive. 😊


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