My 648th Rodeo

What hot button topic
Headlines the news today?
While the slaughter sweat shops
Still maintain the nets
Stopping the depressed
From the suicide
Their entitled to.

What words anger the privileged?
What stops the bagels from being cut?
The coffee from being hot?
While woman are burned alive
Witches with the witchcraft
Of an independent thought.

What child can’t afford the new game system?
While children in third world countries
March endless miles
To get an education
Surviving off of thimbles
Of dirty drinking water

You’re right when you say
We need to help ourselves before we help others
Take it from the creator
We’ve been high and dry for centuries
While he’s working on his celestial corvette.

Why help the unfortunate
The weak
When you can empower
The strong?

For the top 1% will never have enough of our money
And the bottom 99%
Can never starve enough
When we’re eating our children to survive
We must remember to save
The best cuts of meat
For the corporate head

I’ll work myself to death
A corpse mashing the keyboard
Before I’m through

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