PLASTIC milk jugs, eating utensils, bags, coffee lids, coffee cup lining, packaging, bubble wrap, boys, girls, men, water bottles, soda bottles, shampoo bottles, shelving units, organizers, folders, binders, mechanical pencils, eye balls, balls, dildos, condoms, medical supplies, heroine needles,

All of the ways they can’t say death
The contents of their coffin
Keep consumerism convenient
Certainly we can’t be part of the problem
We fret about rising waters,
But by the time we’re drowning
We’ll be walking on plastic continents
And they’ll be fossilized in polyurethane
Photodegrading in just a few more centuries
Our White America Gyre Empire
We’ll look into the long faces
Of these foreign creatures
Paving our reflective countries
And Blame the generation before
As smog rises into the air
From the plastic burning in our fire places
It was their fault.
How could they be so stupid?
It was their entire fault.
When they realize that life
Can’t grow from a plastic corpse
They’ll know
Some sins can’t be repented for
They’ll know it
When their choking on the same pieces of plastic
That kills us.

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