Armed Stars

My shooting star
The moon’s closer than you
Easier to hold
And in comparison
Its face is soft

You’ve always darted from me
Until I’m trained to your trajectory

I thought I had missed
I had lost you again
The smell of sulfur
And burnt pork

Every time I feel a breeze
I realize
I’m hollow Easter candy
I think of you
The hole is left unfilled
And I’m empty

I keep my chin up
with eyes on the empty
mazes of night
The graves in the sky
Hoping I’ll see you
Speeding by

I keep my mind in a haze
My eyes above the clouds
For the ground is too low
For flying birds
The ground is too hard
For bone and feather

The moon may be distant in space and thought
But when I need someone to love
Blowing kisses at the sky
The moon will be the only light
To illuminate
My stepping stones

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