A Pretty Piece of Plastic

All I wanted to do was shop
Consume the objects in my life,
That I know
Will make me happiest
Just like the boys starring from across the pool
They tell me I’m beautiful
Like I’m their baby doll
I tell them this doll’s a collectible,
but was surprised
when on my shoulder
was a tag with a price

I present my problems to the world
reveal the cost
They know anyone willing to pay the time,
the attention
Goes home with a pretty piece of plastic

Cheeks and breasts on display
The showcase of any collectible
I age,
become vintage
an antique with diminishing value
desperately, I reach and grab for my buyer
Trying to steal him into an old investment,
But he hides me under his bed
in the bottom of a box
and leaves to find a new collectible

New and refined
with a soul reminiscent of mine
Naive in a faith in love
A much prettier piece of plastic
Than I.

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