I thought of a new book title
“I Piss Mountain Dew”
“Men Load Semen in My Ass Like Pipe Tobacco”
“I Fucked the Pope’s Extended Family”
“It’s the Children that Will Shoot You Down in the Night”
“The First Lady has a Halo of Herpes Around her Woo Hoo”
“Poetry is nutrition for the Post Mortem”
“The Glimmers of Human Suffering is Found After the Temple is Hollow”
“Grey Skies Are Meant to Be Filled With Ink Like Empty Notebooks”
“The Church Rapes more than it Redeems”
“Repent with the last Bit of Blood in Your Menstruation”
“Everytime I Write a Poem it’s Like Losing My Virginity Again.”
“Vodka is the Only Place I was Able to be a Saint”
“Gangrene and My Cock Falls to the Floor”
“I Would Like To sTRangle EACH of MY EX-LOVERS And String Their head like Chinese lanterns.”
“This Book Won’t Make The Money to Pay for The Toilet Paper I Used Writing it.”
“I Masturbate To a Picture of Johnny Depp for 73 Days straight”
“To weep for you is wrapping paper after Christmas”

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